Arctic temperatures getting warmer and warmer

New reports are stating that the fall temperatures in the Arctic is warmer than ever. The temperatures are 5 degrees Celsius (9 Fahrenheit) higher than normal so this is very serious. The record temperatures are due to many years where the Arctic ice has melted and now we are starting to see the results of all the melting.
The level of salt in the water is also going down due to all the melting water and who knows what kind of results we will see from lower salt levels. Some theroies say that lower levels of salt in Arctic sea may cause the Gulf Stream to go slower or even stop. This will make the climate in Northern Europe much colder.
There has also been some worrying reports that reindeer and caribou herds are declining. This is a real sign that the climate in the Arctic is changing fast.

I’m just worrying that it might be too late to do anything about human made global warming..