China bans thin plastic bags – Kudos to them

China is not known to have the best track record when it comes to environment issues, but this time they are doing something good. The Chinese government has announced that they will (or has?) ban thin plastic bags and that customers will have to pay for regular plastic bags. This is pretty big news since about 1 billion bags are being handed out every single day in China! Stores that do not follow this ban will be fined so hopefully everyone in China will do as the government tells them
It is estimated that China wastes 37 million barrels of crude oil on producing plastic bags each year. In this day and age of skyrocketing oil prices it is kinda stupid to use this resource on plastic bags.

Other nations such as Ireland, Bangladesh, Rwanda and Uganda has already banned plastic bags. I hope the rest of world will follow this soon. It will be cool to see some cotton or hemp bags (organic of course) at the grocery stores again.