The ice in the Arctic is melting faster than ever. This year scientists are reporting the second lowest amount of ice cover since they started monitoring the ice 50 years ago. The only time there has been less ice was last year so we can clearly see a trend.
The lack of ice on the north pole make the conditions for polar bears very hard. They are dependent on lots of ice to hunt on for seals. When the ice cover shrinks there are less areas for them to hunt and thus less food sources.

CNN reports that due to lack of food polar bears has resorted to cannibalism. Scientists has seen improved activity of cannibalism among polar bears since 2004 and even seen a male polar bear dragging out a female from the den and killing it.

I’m just wondering if it is too late to stop the global warming. Doesn’t seem like “our” politicians are willing to do much about it.
And I’m also a bit concerned about the environment here in Northern Norway. We are already seeing some trends that the large fish stocks are moving further north to colder waters. Who knows how this will end?