This is some really disturbing news and it should be a real eye opener for everyone. According to a new study scientists claims that one third of all fish that are caught are used to feed animals and for farm fishing. The fish caught for animal feed is mainly smaller species that are important food sources for the wildlife in the oceans.

Here in Norway we are producing enormous amounts of farm fish. Most people look at this as something good, but I am not so certain. As we see from this study a lot of wild fish is used to feed farm fish. It actually takes over 3kg wild fish to produce 1kg farm fish. This is a waste of resources! On top of that all the small wild fish that are caught are important food sources for sea animals and the bigger fish species that we use for food. When we fish up so much of the small fishes the natural eco system breaks down and we are seeing smaller stocks of fish and sea birds.
We really need to rethink this practice of using wild fish as food on our farms before the eco systems in our oceans totally collapses. I hope it is not too late..