Here is a video of some awesome French activists turning off neon signs at night. I have always hated that shops and commercial signs are turned on all night when there is no use for them to be on. What a waste of energy and it is really polluting our space by their ugliness. Hope this trend will spread to the rest of the world so can save some energy and make the night less light polluted.

Picture of simple hand made loom

Me and my friend decided that we wanted to try out weaving, but we don’t have access to a loom. We decided to make our own loom instead of buying a big, expansive one. The result is a very simple loom made out of 4 pieces of wood, some small nails and cotton yarn. We haven’t tried out the loom yet, but I’m guessing that it will be pretty time consuming to weave with it as you have weave over and under each thread. It is nevertheless so much fun to make your own stuff that we are willing to put a lot of time into this loom.

Our first project will be a carpet made out of old pieces of cloth. Recycling in practice 🙂
Stay tuned to this blog if you want to see pictures of what we will produce with the loom.

Here is a picture of the simple loom itself:
Hand made loom

Find contemporary sofas for your home

As I have mentioned before on this blog I have moved into a new home a few months ago. It is a pretty big house with lots of space and many rooms. We have been thinking about getting some nice sofas for our living room. This would make the room more nice and enjoyable.

An online webstore that sells sofas is The company sells modern contemporary furniture in many designs and classes.
They stock Sleeper Sofas that would be perfect for us because we get many visitors that stay over night and we do not always have enough bed rooms.
Sofa Beds is a must have for everyone that has many visitors staying over.

Sectional Sofas is another interesting section on We could really need a nice looking sectional sofa that fits with the rest of our living room. They can also be very practical by how they fit in a corner. To check out if they have a sofa you want you simply browse what kind of sofa you are interested in and then you can sort the sofas from lowest price to highest.

If you are interested in sofas with a modern design Spacify seems like an excellent place to look a for a new piece of furniture.

Knitted a pair of green baby socks

Some friends of mine are “naming” their baby this weekend. I thought for a long time what I should get them and found out why not knit some warm socks for the baby boy. Ended up with some green ragg socks with a blue and green heel. I just hope they will fit him 🙂
It was amazing how quick it is to knit a pair of baby socks compared to my usual socks for grownups.

Here is a picture of the knitted green baby socks:
Knitted green baby socks

Find designer furniture for kids

We have several kids in our home and they love to play all over the place. It can be a bit hard for the kids to use grown up sized furniture so we have purchased some that fits them better.

A place where you can buy Kids Furniture is They sell furniture designed for kids. Their inventory consists of a large range of different furniture from Kids Bed to Kids Rugs to High Chairs and much more. You simply choose what kind of furniture you are interested in from the menu and then you get several deigns and price classes.

One piece of furniture we might be interested in is a Childrens Desk. Since the kids living in our house are pretty small it would be great to have a desk like this where they could sit and eat, or just use it to play with. They love playing with stuff that looks like it comes from the grown up world. It can also be nice with furniture deigned for kids because when they play with larger pieces of furniture they can often fall down and hurt themselves.

The company accepts most credit cards and ship their stock world wide so international consumers can use them too.

Here is another knitting project from my home. One of my friends knitted a striped red and grey wash cloth. It is nothing complicated, but is very practical and cheap. It also feels more special to use something you have made yourself. Think I have to knit a few of these myself.

Here is a picture of the striped red and grey wash cloth:
striped red and grey hand knitted wash cloth

Professional fine art moving service

I do not own a lot of art, but the art I do have is very precious to me and I would not let everyone handle it. When you move you often need a moving company to help you get your stuff from your old place to your new one. Using a regular moving company can be a bit scary when you are moving precious things like art. It can be very handy to use a mover that is specialized in Art Moving.

Someone that can help you with moving art is company called Mind’s Eye. They offer different services that should suit most art moving needs. As they personalize the help they provide from case to case you can get excellent service at different price levels. The company uses innovative methods to best protect the art from being hurt and they will even work with their clients to find out the best way to protect their art when it is moved. When the art is moved it is being transported by trained staff that know how to handle the valuable items.

Mind’s Eye has helped many different museums and big art collectors so they seem very reputable. They have a section on their website where you can check out some of the clients they have served.

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Photo of an autumn stream littered with autumn colored leaves