Pesticides killing bees banned in Italy

Back in June I wrote about Germany banning pesticides that are believed to be linked to the worrying mass deaths of bees that we have seen the last few years. Now Italy is going down the same road and realizing that pesticides can be very bad for the environment. The Italian government has decided that several pesticides that are used to “treat” seeds will be banned. These pesticides are believed to be a part of the reason why million of bees (colony collapse disorder) has died.
Slovenia has also banned the substances that is believed to kill the bees and France banned one of the substances already in 1999.
A German company called Bayer CropScience produce these chemicals and they are known for producing lots of bad stuff. Maybe they are trying to compete with Monsanto about who are the most evil agriculture company in the world?
I really don’t understand how a company can produce such things when they know that they are toxic to the nature. How can these guys live with themselves? It is all about the money, I guess..

Anyway, this is a great step in the right direction of more organic agriculture. You can’t fight nature, you have to work with it.