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On a remote Scottish island scientists have discovered that the local sheep is actually getting smaller. The ecosystem on this island has been under surveillance since 1985 because of its uniqueness. It is very simple, mainly consisting of sheep and the vegetation they eat.

Now scientists have discovered that the weight of the sheep has decreased 5% over the last 25 years. The scientists claim that warmer climate has made it easier for the sheep thus helping the smaller sheep surviving. Earlier only the larger sheep were able to handle the harsh climate at the island. The reason for this development is earlier springs and longer falls which make the winters shorter.

Source: Various news sites.

Seems like my country, Norway, is doing something positive for the nature. According to this article on bbc.co.uk Norway will capture 3 or 4 beaver families this autumn. In the spring of 2009 these beaver families will be released into the wild in Scotland and hopefully establish a big population of beavers.
Over 400 years ago beavers went extinct in Scotland due to too much hunting so this reintroduction will bring back a natural part of the Scottish wildlife.
There will be a trial period of 5 years so the Scottish Natural Heritage can monitor how the reintroduction will impact the local environment (beavers can cause some problems with their big dams). If the 3-4 beaver families turn into a success story more beavers will be reintroduced to other parts of Scotland.

In other parts of Europe reintroduction of beavers has been very successful. Lets keep our fingers crossed that this will be the case in Scotland too, giving the Scots a richer wildlife.