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As we are several people in our household all our stuff can build up fast and create somewhat of a mess. Storage bags can be great to keep your stuff tidy and why not make one on your own.

Here is a picture of hand crocheted bag that one of my friends have made. It was originally meant to be a beanie hat, but did not turn out exactly like that 😉 She used leftover yarn to crochet the bag after the hat got too big.
The bag looks very nice and is handy for storing our stuff.
Hand crocheted storing bag

Here is a beanie hat that one of my friends (she is posing in the picture) crocheted. She made it out of different magenta colors and some other yarn that suited the design. She also added some sequins to make it look more special. I think the result is very good!

Here is a picture of the crocheted beanie hat. It was quite windy outside today so it looked pretty cool when the wind lifted her hair.
Crocheted magenta beanie hat

Here is a great idea on how to renew your old clothes. One of my friends simply crocheted a border/edge from some leftover yarn and then sew it on an old skirt that she wasn’t using anymore.
Now she have a skirt with a completely different look and doesn’t have to buy a new one. What a great way to recycle your old clothes! If one use a little imagination and got some crafting skills one can really make a lot of cool stuff out of old clothes.

Here is a picture of the new old skirt with crocheted border:
Old skirt with crocheted border

Here is another wash cloth that a friend of mine crocheted last week. I really like the combination of the blue and green colors, and the small triangle in the middle. She used cotton yarn to me the cloth so it wont shrink when it is used.
I need to make myself a few of these too, but blogging is keeping me away from crafting.

And here is a picture of the blue (and green) crocheted wash cloth:
Crocheted blue wash cloth

Picture of hand crocheted flute bag

One of my friends needed a some kind of protection for her flute. She decided to crochet a bag for the flute because it is easy and cheap, and it gives the flute a very personal look.
I love the principle of being somewhat self helped. If I should need something like a cooking stick it is so nice to be able to make it yourself instead of having to go to a supermarket buying cooking ware that everyone else has.
My goal is to learn more skills that can help me being self helped. Anyone know any good websites where they learn such skills?

Anyway, here is a picture of the flute bag and flute:
Hand crocheted flute bag

Here is another project from my home. My friend has crocheted a couple of colored washcloths from yarn made of cotton. The colorful yarn really makes the cloths look lively and refreshing.
Since she used crocheting to make these washcloths there will be some kind of knots in the fabric. These knots will stimulate the blood, in for example your face, when you use the washcloth so they are both nice looking and healthy.
I’m wondering if there is a marked for selling washcloths like these?
Colored crocheted washcloths

My Recycled Bags is a crafting site by RecycleCindy where she shows us what she have crocheted out of recycled plastic bags! You can even buy products from her shop.

To get you started here is a detailed description on how you can make plastic yarn (or plarn as she calls it) out of plastic bags.

Turn this:
Plastic yarn
Into this:
mini shoulder bag

This is so cool! When I get some free time I will try to knit something out of plastic yarn. I wonder how socks made of this material will feel.

Tree cozyYes, you read the title correctly! Someone has crocheted a sweater for a tree. The art project, by Carol Hummel, is entitled Tree Cozy and is symbolizing femininity and comfort covering the masculine tree. It was made in 2005 and was up for display until the summer this year in Cleveland Heights in Ohio, USA.

I think this idea is wonderful (and a bit wacky)! Wouldn’t you stop, take a closer look and wondering what hell was going on here if you came across a clothed tree?

I planted a cherry tree this summer and have been worrying if it would be surviving the harsh winters here up in Northern Norway. Maybe a tree sweater is the solution 😉

Every knitter I’ve met has a big stack of left-over yarn. Now you know what to do with all that yarn, warm all those cold trees!

Tree cozy

You can read more about Tree Cozy over on Carl Hummels project page.
Thanks to Dabbler for letting me use his pictures of the tree sweater.