Crystal Singing Bowls for yoga and meditation

Several of my friends are very interested in yoga, healing, meditation and similar practices. I am too interested in these fields especially in meditation and yoga as I think it strengthens your body and mind. When I get time and money I will probably invest in a good yoga class and / or meditation class.

I recently came across singing bowls which are used when meditating and doing yoga. The singing bowls helps you when doing the exercises and has been used for a very long time in Asian countries like Tibet, China, Nepal, Japan, India and others.
A company selling Crystal Singing Bowls is Silver Sky Imports. On their website they have a wide range of singing bowls. They import the crystal singing bowls from Tibet and Nepal so it seems that bowls should be of high standard. On their website they have sound files of how each crystal singing bowl sound and pictures so you preview the items before you buy them.
The company also sells other products from Nepal and Tibet like hand crafted items, meditation mats and much more. Silver Sky Imports ship their products to the whole world and have a 100% hassle free guarantee so it seems safe to buy from them.

The crystal singing bowls sounds like a great idea if you do yoga and meditation or have friends that practice these exercises.