Here is another project from my home. My friend has crocheted a couple of colored washcloths from yarn made of cotton. The colorful yarn really makes the cloths look lively and refreshing.
Since she used crocheting to make these washcloths there will be some kind of knots in the fabric. These knots will stimulate the blood, in for example your face, when you use the washcloth so they are both nice looking and healthy.
I’m wondering if there is a marked for selling washcloths like these?
Colored crocheted washcloths

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  1. 1Jadielady on Sep 5, 2008 at 12:53 am:

    You can always look into joining as a seller. Take a look around and see if others are selling hand-made washcloths and if so for how much.
    Many people are getting more into buying handmade as its usually more economical, better quality, environmentally friendly, and as you said better for you!