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My latest knitting project is some striped black and purple wrist warmers. It can often be cold in the winter and it is nice with some wrist warmers when you work on the computer or do crafting.
The wrist warmers were supposed to be for myself, but alas I made them a bit too small so they ended up as a gift for a friend. She is very happy with them though 🙂

Here is a picture of the wrist warmers:
hand knitted black and purple wrist warmers

Picture of simple hand made loom

Me and my friend decided that we wanted to try out weaving, but we don’t have access to a loom. We decided to make our own loom instead of buying a big, expansive one. The result is a very simple loom made out of 4 pieces of wood, some small nails and cotton yarn. We haven’t tried out the loom yet, but I’m guessing that it will be pretty time consuming to weave with it as you have weave over and under each thread. It is nevertheless so much fun to make your own stuff that we are willing to put a lot of time into this loom.

Our first project will be a carpet made out of old pieces of cloth. Recycling in practice 🙂
Stay tuned to this blog if you want to see pictures of what we will produce with the loom.

Here is a picture of the simple loom itself:
Hand made loom

Knitted a pair of green baby socks

Some friends of mine are “naming” their baby this weekend. I thought for a long time what I should get them and found out why not knit some warm socks for the baby boy. Ended up with some green ragg socks with a blue and green heel. I just hope they will fit him 🙂
It was amazing how quick it is to knit a pair of baby socks compared to my usual socks for grownups.

Here is a picture of the knitted green baby socks:
Knitted green baby socks

Here is another knitting project from my home. One of my friends knitted a striped red and grey wash cloth. It is nothing complicated, but is very practical and cheap. It also feels more special to use something you have made yourself. Think I have to knit a few of these myself.

Here is a picture of the striped red and grey wash cloth:
striped red and grey hand knitted wash cloth

I have started on a new knitting project. This time it is a pair of striped ragg socks for a good friend of mine. She often has cold feet so I thought some warm socks would be perfect gift. Hope she will be happy with the socks 🙂
There is nothing special about this socks except that I’m knitting some stripes. The yarn I used is suited for sock knitting and is very strong.

Here is a picture of the hand knitted striped ragg socks:
Striped hand knitted ragg socks

Crafting link of the week – Jadielady

The crafting link this week is a crafting site run by Jadielady. At her blog she writes about her latest crafting project and shows us pictures of her nice work. I especially like her knitted socks. Her socks have inspired me to try stuff on my own.
She also is one of my favorite commentators on this blog and I really appreciate all the comments from her. They make me want to knit more 🙂

If you have a crafting site or know someone with talents, please let me know by using my contact form and I might blog about it next week.

As we are several people in our household all our stuff can build up fast and create somewhat of a mess. Storage bags can be great to keep your stuff tidy and why not make one on your own.

Here is a picture of hand crocheted bag that one of my friends have made. It was originally meant to be a beanie hat, but did not turn out exactly like that 😉 She used leftover yarn to crochet the bag after the hat got too big.
The bag looks very nice and is handy for storing our stuff.
Hand crocheted storing bag

Here is a beanie hat that one of my friends (she is posing in the picture) crocheted. She made it out of different magenta colors and some other yarn that suited the design. She also added some sequins to make it look more special. I think the result is very good!

Here is a picture of the crocheted beanie hat. It was quite windy outside today so it looked pretty cool when the wind lifted her hair.
Crocheted magenta beanie hat