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Picture of simple hand made loom

Me and my friend decided that we wanted to try out weaving, but we don’t have access to a loom. We decided to make our own loom instead of buying a big, expansive one. The result is a very simple loom made out of 4 pieces of wood, some small nails and cotton yarn. We haven’t tried out the loom yet, but I’m guessing that it will be pretty time consuming to weave with it as you have weave over and under each thread. It is nevertheless so much fun to make your own stuff that we are willing to put a lot of time into this loom.

Our first project will be a carpet made out of old pieces of cloth. Recycling in practice 🙂
Stay tuned to this blog if you want to see pictures of what we will produce with the loom.

Here is a picture of the simple loom itself:
Hand made loom