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I finished a new pair of ragg socks knitted from leftover yarn. These multi colored ones I knitted for myself since it has been pretty cold here lately (temperatures down to -18 C). I use socks like these every day during the winter so it is nice to have many pairs.

Here is a picture of the ragg socks. I have used them for a few days so that is why they look a bit old 😉
Multi colored knitted ragg socks

Knitted a pair of green baby socks

Some friends of mine are “naming” their baby this weekend. I thought for a long time what I should get them and found out why not knit some warm socks for the baby boy. Ended up with some green ragg socks with a blue and green heel. I just hope they will fit him 🙂
It was amazing how quick it is to knit a pair of baby socks compared to my usual socks for grownups.

Here is a picture of the knitted green baby socks:
Knitted green baby socks

I have started on a new knitting project. This time it is a pair of striped ragg socks for a good friend of mine. She often has cold feet so I thought some warm socks would be perfect gift. Hope she will be happy with the socks 🙂
There is nothing special about this socks except that I’m knitting some stripes. The yarn I used is suited for sock knitting and is very strong.

Here is a picture of the hand knitted striped ragg socks:
Striped hand knitted ragg socks

After weeks of knitting on and off I have finally finished knitting a pair of ragg socks for myself. I wrote about how the first sock turned out to be too small for me and that I wanted to knit them for my friend, but after thinking about how cold me feet were I decided to open up the toe and knit the ragg socks larger. The socks still turned to be a bit too small, but with some wear they will get bigger and I have to wash them carefully for them not to shrink.

Here is a picture of the finished knitted ragg socks:
Finished knitted ragg socks

Five days ago I posted a picture of a ragg sock that I just had started to knit. Yesterday I finished one of the socks (takes a bit time for me to finish a knitting project because I am distracted by so much else), but it turns out my brain did not remember my old sock pattern and the sock turned out to be a bit too small for me. Yeah, I know I should have measured if the sock would fit me while I was knitting, but I was so sure I knew how many rounds I had to knit.
So I’m gonna give away the socks to a friend that has smaller feet. She was happy to get new socks so they are not wasted 🙂
Here is a picture of one of the socks. Just started on the other one.
Black and pink knitted socks

Winter is getting closer and the air definitely has an autumn feel to it. It is about high time that I start getting ready for the colder seasons.
Today I started on some warm, black socks, or they are black so far. Who knows what kind of colors I will include later on (I love knitting without a strict pattern).

Here is a picture of how much I have knitted on the socks. The little blue spot on the socks is some leftover yarn I found on the floor. True recycling in practice 🙂
black hand knitted ragg socks

Sold my first ragg socks on Etsy!

Hurray! I finally sold a pair of ragg socks in my Etsy store 🙂
I have been a bit disappointed in Etsy since it took 3 months to sell something, but I haven’t been promoting the store much. My selection in the store wasn’t big with only 3 pairs (2 now) so that might also be a problem.
But I got some inspiration from selling something again so hopefully I will soon have knitted more socks.
Head over to my Etsy store if you want to see the ragg socks I have for sale.

Hope the woman in USA who bought the socks will be happy with them.

Here is a picture of the socks that I sold:
Grey and red ragg socks

Large ragg sock collection
As a follow up to yesterdays post here is another picture of ragg socks that I have knitted.
Most of these ragg socks has been sold on eBay for various prices. The crazy ragg socks with all the different colors definitely fetch the best prices on eBay, but are also way more time consuming to knit than “regular” ragg socks with only a couple types of yarn.

I wish I could be more productive and blog and knit at the same time 😉