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Sold my first ragg socks on Etsy!

Hurray! I finally sold a pair of ragg socks in my Etsy store 🙂
I have been a bit disappointed in Etsy since it took 3 months to sell something, but I haven’t been promoting the store much. My selection in the store wasn’t big with only 3 pairs (2 now) so that might also be a problem.
But I got some inspiration from selling something again so hopefully I will soon have knitted more socks.
Head over to my Etsy store if you want to see the ragg socks I have for sale.

Hope the woman in USA who bought the socks will be happy with them.

Here is a picture of the socks that I sold:
Grey and red ragg socks

Red and gray raggs socks for Etsy

Added a pair of ragg socks to my Etsy store that I knitted some moons ago. These socks are more straight forward socks than my previous ones as these only consist of 4-5 types of yarn and I haven’t used rib stitches on “foot part” of the socks.

Stay tuned for more socks! 🙂

Ragga socks for Etsy February 20

I just finished a pair of my crazy and unique ragg socks. The reason these socks are unique is that no two socks are alike. I use a lot of different types and colors of yarn (I have bag upon bag of leftover yarn that I have collected) so they will never look the same. Isn’t it cool to own some clothing that no one else owns? 🙂

The ragg socks are now up for sale at my new Etsy store
I’ve sold quite a few of knitted socks on eBay, but Etsy seems friendlier and have cheaper fees so I want to try Etsy for a while. Might go back to eBay if the sales are slow.