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ragg sock collection
Here is a few of the first ragg socks I ever knitted. I was experimenting with colors and wild patterns, and just had a lot of fun.
The people posing with the socks are some friends that I studied organic farming with 2 years ago.
Great people 🙂

Promo poster for Musings from a male knitter
Jone made me a sweet promotional poster for my knittings. I gifted him these ragg socks as a small thank you for helping me making the front page of my photo calendar.
Looks like they came in good use on a cold winter day in front of the fire place.

I got some similar ragg socks for sale at my Etsy store.

Jone Grande Ragg Socks
My friend Jone was visiting Oslo and had with him some ragg socks that I’ve knitted. He thought it would be cool to pose with the socks in a subway station and in this picture you can see the result.
I think Jone got quite a talent for modeling. Maybe he should quit his career as carpenter and become a top model?

A close-up picture of the ragg socks can be seen in this post.
Be sure to check out Jone’s photography on Flickr.

Red and gray raggs socks for Etsy

Added a pair of ragg socks to my Etsy store that I knitted some moons ago. These socks are more straight forward socks than my previous ones as these only consist of 4-5 types of yarn and I haven’t used rib stitches on “foot part” of the socks.

Stay tuned for more socks! 🙂

Ragga socks for Etsy February 20

I just finished a pair of my crazy and unique ragg socks. The reason these socks are unique is that no two socks are alike. I use a lot of different types and colors of yarn (I have bag upon bag of leftover yarn that I have collected) so they will never look the same. Isn’t it cool to own some clothing that no one else owns? 🙂

The ragg socks are now up for sale at my new Etsy store
I’ve sold quite a few of knitted socks on eBay, but Etsy seems friendlier and have cheaper fees so I want to try Etsy for a while. Might go back to eBay if the sales are slow.

Ragg socks made by leftover yarn
My new crafting project is a pair of ragg socks that I’m knitting from leftover yarn. I got a tons of leftover yarn laying around so this is a great way of using your resources instead of throwing them away.
It’s a bit complicated because you have to change yarn all the time, but no two socks will look the same.

These socks will probably be listed on eBay or Etsy. Not sure how easy it is to sell on Etsy as I’ve never tried that site before. On eBay I usually get my things sold, but the price is usually very low compared to all the hours I have used on the knitting projects. When you combine that with the high fees from eBay and Paypal and the low value on the US dollar, it doesn’t seem worth it.
Would love to hear your opinion on selling crafted items.

Ragg socks for Jone

I finally finished the ragg socks for my friend Jone. I used way too long time on them (blogging taking up too much time), but I’m pretty happy with the result 🙂
In the heel and toe I used an extra blue thread for extra strength/longevity and I think it gave the socks more life.

My next project is some chaotic multi-colored socks so be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed 😉

ragg socksMy latest knitting project is a pair of ragg socks that I’m making for my good friend Jone. He helped me with designing the front page of my photo calender for sale over at Cafepress.

This kind of ragg socks are very typical here in Norway. I guess the reason is that we need something to warm our feet during the cold, long winter.
The socks are very easy to knit once you have remembered the design and it’s good way to use all your left over yarn.

Stay tuned to see the final socks.