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I wrote two days ago about that I finally finished some knitted ragg socks and today I finished another project.
This time I’m done with a knitted hand towel that I started knitting on way back. It was pretty tedious to knit the towel so I had to take breaks from the knitting now and then. I actually planed it to be bigger, but this size is usable too.
It might be hard to see in the picture, but I tried to make a pattern in the hand towel by knitting 1×1 rib every other line. The pattern feels really nice when you use it.

Here is a picture of my knitted hand towel:
White hand towel knitted

After weeks of knitting on and off I have finally finished knitting a pair of ragg socks for myself. I wrote about how the first sock turned out to be too small for me and that I wanted to knit them for my friend, but after thinking about how cold me feet were I decided to open up the toe and knit the ragg socks larger. The socks still turned to be a bit too small, but with some wear they will get bigger and I have to wash them carefully for them not to shrink.

Here is a picture of the finished knitted ragg socks:
Finished knitted ragg socks

Here is a great idea on how to renew your old clothes. One of my friends simply crocheted a border/edge from some leftover yarn and then sew it on an old skirt that she wasn’t using anymore.
Now she have a skirt with a completely different look and doesn’t have to buy a new one. What a great way to recycle your old clothes! If one use a little imagination and got some crafting skills one can really make a lot of cool stuff out of old clothes.

Here is a picture of the new old skirt with crocheted border:
Old skirt with crocheted border

One of my friends decided that she needed a new scarf so she started knitting a multi colored one out of some leftover yarn. It looks a bit “crazy” (or hippie), but I like it and I bet it is very warm.
We have been having frost in the nights here so it is time to take out all those warm wool clothes that we need in the winter season here in Norway.

And here is a picture of the hand knitted multi colored scarf (almost done):
hand knitted multi colored scarf

Picture of hand knitted multi colored top

As a follow up to yesterdays post of a hand knitted green top, here is a picture of another top that my friend has knitted.
This time she has chosen many different colors that go together. I think this top look pretty good too.

I have been thinking about knitting a sweater for myself, but I’m a bit put off by all the work and the cost of all the yarn. Anyone know where I can get free yarn? 😉

Here is a picture of the hand knitted multi colored top:
hand knitted multi colored top

Picture of hand knitted green top

Here is a picture of a green top that a friend of mine knitted. I think it look pretty darn good!
It might be hard to see in the picture, but she knitted some small pearls into the top to add an extra touch. Together with the yellow stripes this top is really unique.

Who need H&M when you can knit such beautiful clothes.
Here is the picture of the green top:
Green top hand knitted

Crafting link of the week – Lizzy T Designs

I’m starting a new weekly post on “Musings from an eco-friendly male knitter” where I link to a crafting sites that I enjoy.
If you have a crafting site or know someone with talents, please let me know by using my contact form and I will check out the site.

The first site I want to mention is Lizzy T Designs. Lizzy T makes some really awesome crotched animals. Think I will have to try to make some myself, but I really wish I had such crocheting skills right now!
She also make some nice stuff out of beads and does some knitting. She is very talented so it is worth checking out her site.
Check out her Etsy store to see more of her cool products.

Picture of hand knitted black and green beanie hat

Here is a picture of one of my older projects. It is a beanie hat that I knitted last year and I just took it out from storage because it is getting colder.
When I started knitting this beanie I didn’t have a plan, but when I was half way I found some green yarn that I thought would fit. I’m pretty satisfied with the green stripes and the end result, but maybe the stripes should have been a bit further down on the hat?

A big thanks to the kind girl that posed with the beanie hat.
hand knitted black and green beanie hat