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Rhino poaching on the rise again

There are some really disturbing reports coming in about poaching of rhinos. WWF and other groups estimate that killing of rhinos has risen four-fold in the recent years and poaching of rhinos is at a 15-year high.

The reasons for all the killing of rhinos are demands in Asia where they use rhino-horns in traditional medicine. There have even been reports about rhino killings in Asia with evidence of 10 animals killed in India and 7 in Nepal.

This is really sad news. I hope environment groups and the governments in the various countries are able to stop this madness and that users of traditional medicine use their brains and stop using such idiotic practices.

WWF was able to capture a video of the world’s rarest rhinos, the Javan rhino, with their video trap. In this remarkable video you can see a mother and her child in an Indonesian rain forest foraging for food.
At the end of the video the mother rhino attacks the camera in a scene that looks straight out of The Blair Witch Project.

The Javan rhinos are highly endangered with only 60 rhinos living in the wild. Let us hope WWF are successful in protecting the rain forests so this will not be the last glimpse we get of the Javan rhinos.