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Moving company in Boston

I have been moving around quite a bit in my life and it can be quite a bit of hassle with all the packing, washing and general stress. Next time I move I will probably use a Moving Company because it seems so much easier than doing all the moving yourself. I recently helped some friends moving into an apartment and they used a nice moving company that was very helpful.

One company that can help you with moving is Humboldt Storage and Moving. They started up their company over 100 years ago so they should have a good deal of experience with moving. They can help you with moving both within the US and internationally. They serve corporations and smaller households so there should be options for most needs.
The company has a feature called “Stress Removers” where they explain how they can help you making the moving process as easy and less stressful. Sounds like a great plan as I have been stressed out all the times I have moved around in Norway.

On their website you can fill out a form to get an estimate about how much the moving will cost you. I really like this kind of forms as they are easier than doing a phone call and they save me a lot of time.

Crystal Singing Bowls for yoga and meditation

Several of my friends are very interested in yoga, healing, meditation and similar practices. I am too interested in these fields especially in meditation and yoga as I think it strengthens your body and mind. When I get time and money I will probably invest in a good yoga class and / or meditation class.

I recently came across singing bowls which are used when meditating and doing yoga. The singing bowls helps you when doing the exercises and has been used for a very long time in Asian countries like Tibet, China, Nepal, Japan, India and others.
A company selling Crystal Singing Bowls is Silver Sky Imports. On their website they have a wide range of singing bowls. They import the crystal singing bowls from Tibet and Nepal so it seems that bowls should be of high standard. On their website they have sound files of how each crystal singing bowl sound and pictures so you preview the items before you buy them.
The company also sells other products from Nepal and Tibet like hand crafted items, meditation mats and much more. Silver Sky Imports ship their products to the whole world and have a 100% hassle free guarantee so it seems safe to buy from them.

The crystal singing bowls sounds like a great idea if you do yoga and meditation or have friends that practice these exercises.

Bathroom suits for your home

I live in a house built in 1993 and it is becoming a bit old. After many years of wear and tear it can be nice to redecorate the house to keep the value high and make the house better to live in.
One room that we are considering upgrading is our worn down bathroom. It would be nice with a completely new bathroom suit to make the room look fresh and appealing.

A website selling equipment for bathrooms is This company based in Wigan, UK is selling over 3,000 products in their online store so there should be a product for most shoppers.
They are selling a wide range of different products from bathroom suits, to bathroom tiles, to baths, to showers and much more. The website has a nice menu system making it very easy browsing their inventory and find the right product.
They also have sections on their website where you can find items on sale if you are on a budget.

Better Bathrooms ships to UK and has a general delivery time of 7 to 14 days. They accept payment from most credit and debit cards, and payments are processed by WorldPay.
Seems like a nice place to shop bathroom products if you are based in UK.

Free drag and drop website builder

Designing websites can be a lot of hassle for many people. You need to know a lot of HTML to build a website from scratch and even then the website might not even look that good. I have used many hours struggling with HTML to try to make my websites look ok. The end result does not always end up the way I want it.

Another way to make websites is by using a website builder program. One free program called BlueVoda lets you do exactly that. It lets you make websites in a very simple by just dragging and dropping the information you want to have on your website.
and you do not have to know HTML or other forms for codes to use this program. You can use standard templates that the BlueVoda has built into the program or make up your website design from scratch. The program also include many free images, logos and other items that you can use on your site.
Sounds like a very simple way to get you a presence online!

Visit this link to get more information about the website builder: create website.
All you have to do is entering your email into a form at the bottom of their site and you will receive information about how to get the program. The program should contain any spyware, adware or other malicious forms of code.

Ben Behrouzi gives away MacBook Air on Twitter

A blogger called Ben Behrouzi (also President and CEO of a company called is giving away a MacBook Air away in a contest he is holding on his website. To enter the contest all you need to do is tweet this on Twitter: “@BenBehrouzi Ben count me in the MacBook Air Giveaway!”. The tweet does not have to be written in the same words, but should include the main points and tweeted before March 31st 2009 as that is the day he will select a winner.
You do not even have to follow Ben Behrouzi to enter the contest, but I’m sure he would be happy if you did follow him on Twitter since the prize is so nice and it would be a nice gesture.

Check out this link for more information about the competition: Win A MacBook Air on Twitter. I would sure love to win a MacBook Air as I think the Macs look very good and are great for blogging, and also for post processing pictures.

You can also follow me on Twitter at this address:
If you are not currently using Twitter, but want to enter the contest it is very simple to register an account on

Students can sell essays to

As I am living with two students I know how hard it can be to live with the small funds they receive during the time they study. They are both looking for alternative ways to make money like getting stray jobs and saving money in every possible way. Right now when the economy is in recession it is even harder for them to find money.

One way students can make money is by selling essays to Students can earn up to 176€ (about $228) for their written work. The essays can be in any language and, contain photos and graphics.
In addition to essays you can also submit other written articles like term papers and book reports.
When you are registered at the website you also get big discounts on buying other essays. You can also do bartering to get even cheaper solutions.
You can submit essays in categories such as art, economics, natural sciences and more. have a section on their website with the newest articles added to their site. There you can get an indication on what kind of essays they are interested in. They also have a section with free essays that can be helpful if you are very low on cash and need an essay.

Selling your written work seems like a nice idea if you need some relatively easy money.

Learn face painting from DVD

As we have several kids in our household it is always fun to try new things to do with the kids. One thing that we might consider trying is face painting as kids seem to love it.

Face painting can be a bit hard to do so a face paint DVD would be great for us to learn the how to do the skill.

A website called sells a DVD series called “Create Faces” where you can learn how to do face painting. The DVDs are for sale from their site and here is an example of the painted faces you can learn from the DVDs:

Here is also a video with face painting designs that are suitable for Halloween:

Find portable soccer nets

I have been a big fan of soccer for quite some time and I even enjoy playing it during the summer months. Soccer is a nice activity to stay in shape and to have fun with your family and friends. I especially like to set up big tournaments where we have made different teams to compete with each other during a weekend.

When we are playing it can be nice to have some Soccer Nets for our game. A place to buy portable soccer nets is where you can find different types of goals. The goals include pretty big sized soccer nets, pop up portable nets and soccer rebounders if you should prefer that. Soccer rebounders can be great for training as they send back the ball after you hit the goal.
You can also find other types of goals at this online store, including street hockey goals if you like that sport better than soccer.
They offer their products at competitive prices and flat shipping rates (the rates depends on how fast you want to receive your soccer nets). ships their products to all states in the US so if you live there and like soccer this webshop should be great for you.