According to an article on there are some worrying things happening here in the arctic. Scientists from the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, USA claims that arctic sea ice might totally melt away in September.
During the last decades the Arctic ice has become thinner and thinner each year. Looks like it might totally disappear this summer, but it depends on what kind of weather the north will get.
This is good news for the greedy oil companies as this makes it easier to search for oil and gas in the arctic. I know that Statoil (the biggest oil company here in Norway) has made plans on drilling in the north. I hope our politicians have the guts to stop the madness before it is too late, but I doubt it as they are allowing drilling for oil in the sea right outside of Northern Norway where the big fish stocks are living.

The last few years the sea temperature has been pretty high here in Northern Norway, resulting in blooming of algae and jellyfish. This seems to have messed with the fish populations in the fjord where I live, as the big shoals of fish did not arrive during the summer like they usually do.
I hope the fishing will be better this summer, but this research might be an indicator of bad fishing.