According to this article on it seems like Germany has come to it senses and are starting to ban pesticides.
In the German region Baden-W├╝rttemberg 50-60% of the bees have died this year. 8 seed treatment pesticides that contain a chemical called clothianidin (made by Bayer CropScience) has been banned because the chemical has been found in 99% of all the dead bees.
This is not the first time Bayer CropScience are being accused of killing honey bees. Both in France and USA beekeepers have accused the company for being behind the deaths of large number of bee hives.

Pesticides has been linked to the term Colony Collapse Disorder that describes a phenomenon where bee colonies suddenly disappear. This phenomenon have dramatically increased the last few years and is worrying for farmers across the world.
Read more about Colony Collapse Disorder on Wikipedia.

In my opinion it is pretty insane to use highly toxic chemicals to fight against the nature. It is high time that the farming industry looks to alternative organic ways of farming instead of killing the nature.
Please buy products from organic farms the next time you go shopping ­čÖé