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After a long period with no knitting I have moved into a new house with several other knitters. We are trying to make much of the stuff that we need in our household. My latest project is this knitted hand towel, made out of white cotton, that you can see below in the picture. We are gonna use the hand towels in the bathrooms in our house.
It might have been easier to just go to Ikea and buy some cheap towel made in the far east, but it is much satisfying to produce your own stuff. The towel is about half done and I will show you the final product as soon as it is done.

I have tried to make some kind of “pearl” pattern in this towel and I think it looks pretty good. It is fun to experience with new ways of knitting 🙂
Knitted hand towel

Sold my first ragg socks on Etsy!

Hurray! I finally sold a pair of ragg socks in my Etsy store 🙂
I have been a bit disappointed in Etsy since it took 3 months to sell something, but I haven’t been promoting the store much. My selection in the store wasn’t big with only 3 pairs (2 now) so that might also be a problem.
But I got some inspiration from selling something again so hopefully I will soon have knitted more socks.
Head over to my Etsy store if you want to see the ragg socks I have for sale.

Hope the woman in USA who bought the socks will be happy with them.

Here is a picture of the socks that I sold:
Grey and red ragg socks

Large ragg sock collection
As a follow up to yesterdays post here is another picture of ragg socks that I have knitted.
Most of these ragg socks has been sold on eBay for various prices. The crazy ragg socks with all the different colors definitely fetch the best prices on eBay, but are also way more time consuming to knit than “regular” ragg socks with only a couple types of yarn.

I wish I could be more productive and blog and knit at the same time 😉

ragg sock collection
Here is a few of the first ragg socks I ever knitted. I was experimenting with colors and wild patterns, and just had a lot of fun.
The people posing with the socks are some friends that I studied organic farming with 2 years ago.
Great people 🙂

Seems like BBC don’t like us knitting folks.
A knitter, known by the nick-name Mazzmatazz, posted some knitting patterns of Doctor Who aliens on her website. She did not make any money from the patterns as they were free to use.
Apparently someone used her knitting patterns and put the knitted products up for sale on eBay.
The BBC didn’t like this and wanted to cut the source off. They contacted Mazzmatazz to ask her to remove the patterns and it looks like BBC succeeded.
This case has stirred quite a bit controversy among Doctor Who fans so BBC has offered to talk with Mazzmatazz to reach some kind of settlement. We will see how this turns out.

Here is some pictures of the original animated Adipose and the knitted version:

Knitted Adipose Animated Adipose

I have never seen this TV-series myself, but after reading about Doctor Who this seems like a really cool series for a sci-fi fan like me. I guess BBC scored some publicity from this, although in my opinion a bit silly of the mighty BBC.

Photos courtesy of

Free pattern for knitted Elvis wig

Knitted Elvis wigSteve Speirs from Run Bulldog Run sent me a tip about a free knitted Elvis wig pattern. As you can see in the picture, a wig like this would be a perfect gift for any Elvis fan. I don’t really like that kind of music, but I will keep this pattern in mind when Christmas comes.

The pattern is designed by a yarn company called Sirdar, but there should not be any problems using yarn from other companies.

Check out the free Elvis wig pattern at The Shed.

The weirdness in the “knitting-scene” continue to amaze me. This time I came across a story about a knitting tournament called “Sock Wars“.
It was started by 31 year old woman called Julie Gardner from Belfast, Northern Ireland. She was inspired by a phenomenon called StreetWars where people use mock weapons to fight and assassinate each other.
Sock Wars is a bit different by that the competitors use knitting to assassinate other knitters!?! Each contestant are given an original sock pattern that they must complete as fast as possible and then mail to another contestant. The knitter who completes the pair of socks first wins while the loser lays in a pool of blood and must send the unfinished socks to the knitter who assassinated her/him.
The knitter who last stands is the winner and receive yarn worth $500 and much glory.

This is actually the third tournament of this (crazy) kind. Maybe I should sign up if there is ever a fourth Sock Wars, but I’m not a fast knitter so I would probably die in the first round 😉
The deadline for sending in your application for participating was May 3rd so I’m a bit late with this piece of news from the crazy knitting world. The tournament starts May 9th.
Good luck to all the assassinate-knitters out there!

Promo poster for Musings from a male knitter
Jone made me a sweet promotional poster for my knittings. I gifted him these ragg socks as a small thank you for helping me making the front page of my photo calendar.
Looks like they came in good use on a cold winter day in front of the fire place.

I got some similar ragg socks for sale at my Etsy store.